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Spring of 2019 gave me the opportunity to find and collect a few new trees each unique in its own way. I collected some deciduous species that I felt that needed to complete my collection. I potted them into the same soil mix that I have already presented some time ago (4-4-2) crushed clay – volcanic tuff – organic soil. The first two have a particle size from 1-4 mm. I use this mix for few years now and it seems to work just fine.

I needed some Fagus Sylvatica and walking into the woods I was surprised to find two awesome trees. The first is a raft and I needed to build a custom wood box as it is quite long while the depth and the width of the container are very satisfactory for bonsai proportions.

Another iconic Fagus that I have found and collected during my trips in the woods is a very nice yamadori thick trunk and very shallow root system and serendipity helped when fitting it in place into a nice ceramic pot.

Going further, I collected a Trident Maple with very nice trunk movement, already established secondary branching and an ideal height compared to the actual leafs of this species.

Because I am lately into having trees that flower and fruit, I collected a Flowering Wild Pear with a feminine trunk movement and a nice secondary established branching.

These are some of the most remarkable trees I collected this spring. It was just to complete some needs in my collection that by now reached over 90 trees in training.

Hope it inspires you!

Thanks for the visit,